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I'm a full-stack developer and graduate of CodeCrew Code School currently living in Memphis, TN. Our tech-driven world ushers new trends and discoveries that we as developers must stay on top of. It is within this environement, I movitvate and challenge myself to relentless pursuit perfection and knowledge of this areas.

Languages and Frameworks


Node.jsMongoDBAJAXSpring Boot ThymeLeafExpress



CodeCrew Audio Logs

Throughout my journey at the CodeCrew Code School, I've recorded weekly audio logs to share my thoughts and opinions about the course.

Pre-Week Log
Week 1 Log
Week 2 Log
Week 3 Log
Week 4 Log
Week 5 Log
Week 6 Log
Week 7 Log
Week 8 Log
Week 9 Log
Week 10 Log
Week 11 Log
Week 12 Log
Week 13 Log
Week 14 Log
Week 15 Log
Week 16 Log
Week 17 Log
Week 18 Log
Week 19 Log

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